Sawdust Machine

EcoStan® Sawdust Machine (Direct Wood Logs into Sawdust)

Turn Wood Logs into Sawdust.

EcoStan Sawdust Machine is used for Converting the Wood Logs into the Sawdust (*4mm – 8mm size). It is designed to take the all type of wood log material i.e. hard wood, soft wood etc. EcoStan Sawdust making Machine is strong enough to go through wet or dry tree trunks & logs and turn them into sawdust in one go.

The high-tech advance design Wood Log to Sawdust Machine delivers the best result with high efficiency. Sawdust Machine is fully controlled with PLC Control Panel to get the most out of it, making Sawdust from Wood Logs was not easy before.

Best for all markets either for making Biomass Briquettes, Biomass Pellets & for other industrial use. The one sawdust making machine to fit all your needs.

Key Features:

  • Sawdust in One Go
  • High Performance, Low Maintenance
  • Touch Screen Control Station is used for Operation
  • Fully Automatic Operation with PLC control.

Sawdust Making Machine
Model No. Production
ESM 150 4,500 KG/HR
ESM 100 3,000 KG/HR
ESM 75 2,000 KG/HR
ESM 50 1,000 KG/HR
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