Briquette Machine

Briquette machines are used to make briquette out of any agri/forest waste.

(Production range from – 300-
2,500 KG/H) (40MM-100MM Size)

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Micromax Combo

EcoStan introduced new technology Briquette Machine called Micromax Combo.

(Production Range from – 850-1,600 KG/HR)

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Sawdust Machine

EcoStan Sawdust Machine is used for Converting the Wood Logs into the Sawdust.

(Production range from – 1,000-4,500 KG/HR)

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Hammer Grinder

Hammer Grinders are used to turn the raw material into powder form.

(Production range from – 600-7,500 KG/H)

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Flash Dryer

Flash Dryers reduce moisture up-to 25% .

(Production range from – 300-4,000 KG/H)

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Spare Parts

Always use genuine spare parts, avoid imitation to increase the productivity and long-ability of the plant.

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