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EcoStan® Chipper Grinder

Our manufactured chippers are of best quality and ensure long life product. Chipper Grinders are basically used for cutting & chipping different raw material into desired size as per customer needs. Likewise, the chipper cut the material into small chips which helps to make material portable. Furthermore, we manufacture different types of Chipper Grinders to meet the customer needs and suit their requirement such as: Disc Grinders, Drum Grinders. However, all these grinders are used for different purpose and have their own salient features.

These are applied for chipping different material such as: Pine Needles, Sugarcane Trash, Tree Shrubs, Peddy Straw, Cotton Stalk and other Agriculture Waste etc.

Chipper Grinder
Model No. Production Power Requirements
CCG 150 Up-to 10,000 KG/HR 167.5 HP
CCG 120 Up-to 5,000 KG/HR 135 HP
CCG 75 Up-to 3,000 KG/HR 86 HP
CCG 60 Up-to 2,000 KG/HR 65 HP
CCG 40 Up-to 1,000 KG/HR 45 HP
CCG 10 Up-to 600 KG/HR 13 HP
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