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EcoStan® Shredder

Shredder is a machine used for reducing the size of all kinds of material .Some examples of materials that are commonly shredded are tires, metals, car wrecks, wood, plastic and garbage as well as waste material like municipal solid waste (MSW) contains 50% moisture.

Moreover, we are offering EcoStan® Four Shaft Shredder to shred the material into fine quality.
Shredder makes it easy to reduce the bulk of yard waste and create useful wood chips and mulch.

It will work equally well on both wet and dried material. Shredder have semi blunt blades that are used to break down small pieces of waste material.

Shredder Quad Shaft
Model No. Production Power Requirements
QSS3 Up-to 4,000 KG/Hr 150 HP
QSS2 Up-to 2,000 KG/Hr 120 HP
QSS1 Up-to 1,000 KG/Hr 60 HP
Shredder Twin Shaft
Model No. Production Power Requirements
TSS5 Up-to 5,000 KG/Hr 150 HP
TSS4 Up-to 3,000 KG/Hr 100 HP
TSS3 Up-to 2,000KG/Hr 80 HP
TSS2 Up-to 1,000 KG/Hr 60 HP
TSS1 Up-to 500 KG/Hr 30 HP
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