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Biomass Briquetting & Biomass Pellet Plants:

Briquette Machine is used to make briquette out of any agricultural and forest waste. First, briquetting means reducing the size of bulk density raw material into compact form, which makes it easy for transportation, burning and increase its calorific value as well. EcoStan® Briquetting Machine produces quality briquettes without any need of binder or chemical. It compacts the raw material with the help of high pressure mechanical punch. However, during the contraction of the material, temperature rise adequately to make the raw material emancipate the numerous adhesives that will abetment in protecting the bits together in the compressed shape. Likewise, the technology of this plant is known as binder less technology.

Moreover, since last 24 years we have done considerable R&D into briquetting mechanization for making best Quality Briquette Plant. Our products are manufactured under the direction of experienced engineers with the help of hi-tech Japanese Machines. Briquetting Machines are available in the magnitude parameter of 40mm to 100mm to suit the requirement of customer (with the production of 300 KG/Hr to 2500 KG/Hr) *Depends on various feedstock. Also, we can fabricate large automatic online production plant.

New Verge towards Briquetting Industry

EcoStan introduced new technology Briquette Machine called Micromax Combo which can make both Biomass Briquettes & Biomass Pellets from the same single machine without the need of any binder or adhesive. Fully automatic machine control options are available on selected models only.

Pellets are small size cylindrical shape of particles typically created by compressing an original material. EcoStan MMC can make pellets from various raw material such as wood shavings, saw dust, crop straw, animal compound etc. For Pelletizing process material should be granulated& free from any type of foreign material.

Furthermore, other vernacular names of Briquetting Machine & Micromax Combo Machine are Briquette Press, Mud Press, Screw Briquetting Machine, Jumbo Machine, Saw Dust Machine, Rice Husk Briquette Machine, Biomass Briquette Plant, Biomass Briquette Machine,Gitti Machine, Gulla Machine, Tuda, Pellet Machine, Pellet Mill, Combo Machine and list goes on. Primarily we call them EcoStan 40, EcoStan 60, EcoStan 70, EcoStan 90, EcoStan 100, EcoStan MMC I, EcoStan MMC II, EcoStan MMC III.

Clients can bring Varieties of raw-material mixture to our demonstration plant for trails to achieve satisfactory results.

*Note: Acceptable moisture in raw material for briquetting should not be more than 12%.

Ecostan® Micromax Combo (New)
Model No. Production Power Requirements
MMC 70 Up-to 850 KG/HR (for Pellets)
Up-to 1,300 KG/HR (for Briquettes)
62 HP
MMC 90 Up-to 1,300 KG/HR (for Pellets)
Up-to 2,000 KG/HR (for Briquettes)
94 HP
MMC 100 Up-to 1,600 KG/HR (for Pellets)
Up-to 2,500 KG/HR (for Briquettes)
119 HP
Briquetting Press Machine
Model No. Production Power Requirements
Ecostan 100 Up-to 2,500 KG/HR 89/116 HP
Ecostan 90 Up-to 2,000 KG/HR 86.5 HP
Ecostan 70 Up-to 1,300 KG/HR 59 HP
Ecostan 60 Up-to 1,000 KG/HR 47 HP
Ecostan 40 Up-to 300 KG/HR 23 HP

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