Hammer Mill

ECOSTAN® Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill Working Process: The dried agricultural and forest waste in chipped form is fed and conveyed into the hammer mill with the help of in-feed screw conveyor. The material is clashed by the hammer batten and is thereby shredded and expelled through perforated screen of a selected size which is pneumatically conveyed into cyclone with the help of ID Fan(s). The grinded material in granulated form is discharged by the airlock(s) at the discharge end.

Hammer Mill Grinder Use: Hammer Mill Grinder is used for the purpose to crush and granulate the agricultural and forest waste raw material into smaller pieces. The Biomass Hammer Mill , finely grinds the huge variety of biomass materials which can be directly used as a Biomass for heat generation or can be converted into Biomass Pellets or Biomass Briquettes.

In-put raw-materials: Any type of Chipped Agricultural and Forest Waste material can be used and processed through Biomass Hammer Mill. Some of the commonly processed raw material in Hammer Grinder are any type of wood chips or leftover wood waste, wood shavings etc, some of the agro waste mainly found are almond shells waste, corn cobs wet or dry, coir pith (coconut waste), agro-waste straw, soybean stalks, hay bales ( waste generated from farming land and rolled into bales), tree twigs, hazelnut shells, rice husk waste, black gram husk, groundnut shells, walnut shells, cottonseed hulls, bamboo shavings, and other chipped biomass wastes.

Vernacular Names: Hammer Grinder, Hammer Mill, Hammer Mill with Cyclone, Biomass Hammer Mill, Biomass Grinder, Groundnut Shell Grinder, Maize Grinder, Mustard Straw Grinder etc.


Hammer Mill with Cyclone
Model No. Production Power Requirements
HM 120 Up-to 7,000 KG/HR 199.5 HP
HM 100 Up-to 5,000 KG/HR 151 HP
HM 60 Up-to 3,000 KG/HR 84 HP
HM 50 Up-to 2,000 KG/HR 65 HP
HM 40 Up-to 1,300 KG/HR 52.5 HP


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