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EcoStan® Micromax Combo

Horizontal Press Technology using the latest binary function to compress and compact (CCTM) which gives unlimited quality of organic waste without having to mix any binding agents. Micromax Combo is compact durable with standard to any toughest working condition ,which is economical to run on power .Fully automatic machine options are available on selected models only .Varieties of mixture by clients requirement can bought into our demonstration plant for trails to achieve satisfactory results.

Pellets are small particles typically created by compressing on original material .The micromax combo also called pellet mill creates fuel pellets out of biomass. It can make pellets from various raw material such as wood shavings, saw dust, crop straw, animal compound etc. Pelletizing is the process of compressing or holding a material into the shape of a pellet.

Animal feed pellets are usually a mixture of dry powered feed stock for example flour, saw dust, grass and a wet ingredient (molasses or steam). Pellet mill also known as a pellet press is type of mill or machine press used to create pellets from powered material.

Micromax Combo
Model No. Production Power Requirements
MMC I Up-to 850 KG/Hr (for Pellets)
Up-to 1,300 KG/Hr (for Briquettes)
62 HP
MMC II Up-to 1,300 KG/Hr (for Pellets)
Up-to 2,000 KG/Hr (for Briquettes)
94 HP
MMC III Up-to 1,600 KG/Hr (for Pellets)
Up-to 2,500 KG/Hr (for Briquettes)
119 HP
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