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EcoStan® Flash Dryer

Flash Dryer is used in case when material has little moisture. Cyclone Dryer is a pneumatic system primarily used to dry different raw material but the size should be adequate to get sucked by ID fans. It reduces moisture up to 25%.

It consists of conveying equipments used to Drift Raw Material from feed end to the discharge end. Likewise, with the help of furnace heat is generated for drying. However, drying takes place in a matter of seconds and the dried material is delivered to the discharge end. It’s vernacular names are: Flash Dryer, Cyclone Dryer, Kiln Dryer, Pass Dryer, Three Pass Dryer, Double Pass Dryer, Single Pass Dryer etc.

Flash Dryer Single Pass (Reduce moisture up to 25%)
Model No. Production Power Requirements
FD 5 Up-to 4,000 KG/HR 39 HP
FD 4 Up-to 2,500 KG/HR 22 HP
FD 3 Up-to 1,500 KG/HR 14 HP
FD 2 Up-to 600 KG/HR 8 HP
FD 1 Up-to 300 KG/HR 4 HP
Flash Dryer Double Pass (Reduce moisture up to 35%)
Model No. Production Power Requirements
FDD 5 Up-to 4,000 KG/HR 43 HP
FDD 4 Up-to 2,500 KG/HR 41 HP
FDD 3 Up-to 1,500 KG/HR 26 HP
FDD 2 Up-to 600 KG/HR 14 HP
FDD 1 Up-to 300 KG/HR 7 HP
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