What can be Briquetted

What can be Briquetted ?

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Biomass Briquette, mostly made of green waste and other organic material which is further used for electricity generation, heat and cooking fuel.

These compressed briquettes are made from various organic materials such as rice husk, saw dust, bagasse, groundnut shells, other agricultural waste or forest waste.

The composition of briquettes may varies by area due to the availability of raw material. As compare to fossil fuels, the briquette produce low net total green house gas
emissions because the materials used are already a part of the carbon cycle.

The round shape of the briquettes allows for a large surface area, creating higher combustion rate. The use of biomass – briquettes has been steadily increasing as
industries realise the benefits of using Biomass Briquettes as they are 99.9% environment friendly. The calorific value of Briquettes is different as per the use of raw
material used for making briquettes.

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