Bio Fuel Sale

Bio Fuel Sale

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Best Quality Biomass Briquettes & Pellets all over India. The offered product is made from the best quality tested materials.

We manufacture Briquettes & Pellets from Pure Sawdust/wood powder only. All materials are tested for their consistent burning efficiency, low ash content and optimum thermal caloric value to ensure the Best Quality End-Product.

This Green Fuel is made from organic material with no Chemical Binder or Adhesive Used, ideal substitute to Kerosene Oil, Charcoal & Coal for Domestic or Industrial Purpose. Thus, it produces very high BTUs – over 8100 per pound, because they’re made from kiln-dried waste by-product and produce almost no ash.

Why Briquettes or Pellets

1. Eco-Friendly Fuel
2. Made from Leftover Green Waste
3. Economical than other Fuels
4. Emits no Harmful Gases
5. Low Ash Content
6. Smoke Less, Produce No Fly Ash
7. High Thermal Value
8. Renewable
9. Easy to Transport & Store

Biomass Briquettes:

Biomass Briquettes / White Coal / Bio Coal

Shape of Briquettes Cylindrical
Size (60, 70, 90 – MM in Diameter)
Length 20 mm – 300 mm
Calorific Value 4100 Kcal/Kg (Approx.)
Ash Content Less than 10%
Density 1.2 t/m3
Price Per Kg INR 6.00
Packing Truck Load Basis or Packed in 50 Kg Bags (Approx.)

Biomass Pellets

Biomass Pellets are ready substitute of Coal Powder for thermal applications & replace costly liquid fuels like Furnace Oil, Diesel, LDO, Kerosene etc. Biomass Pellets are highly used by Big Industries, Bakeries, Canteens, Hotels, Restaurants, Household use etc.

Our Newly Launched Special Biomass Pellet Fuel Cooking Stoves for both Domestic & Commercial Use are also Available Now in India.

Shape of Briquettes Cylindrical
Size (8 mm – 20 mm in Diameter)
Length 10 mm – 50 mm
Calorific Value 4150 Kcal/Kg (Approx.)
Ash Content Less than 8%
Density 650 Kg/m3
Price Per Kg INR 8.00
Packing Bag Packed of 25 Kg / 55.11 LBs (Approx.)

EcoStan® Biomass Pellets Available in 25 Kg Bag Packed:

Note Below:

  • Shipping charges are extra anywhere in India.
  • Minimum Order Taken on Truck Load Basis for Briquettes.
  • For Pellets Minimum Order of 1 Bag.
  • All products are made by EcoStan® Premium Quality Machines.
  • All Prices are ex-workshop.

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